7 Reasons To Choose A Freelance Web Designer
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7 Reasons To Choose A Freelance Web Designer

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to web design agencies.

There is no right or wrong size for a digital business. Working with a smaller, more specialised freelancer has several advantages. A freelancer will concentrate on the task, prioritise your needs, and tailor the service to you.

We know that all companies need a digital presence. So here are a few reasons why bigger is not always better.


“Customer is King”. A freelancer knows that if you succeed, they succeed. A freelancer will prioritise your growth and celebrate your victories, because as you build and learn – so do they.
Smaller agencies and freelancers have a limited amount of clients, and there is always large importance placed on keeping each client happy and always ensuring quality and timeous work.

Save A Penny

If you want the backing of a well-known or famous agency group, you’ll have to pay for it. And while paying for the boasting rights has its merits, you may not receive the attention you deserve. Larger agencies tend to focus on the BIG accounts because big accounts equal big revenue. This often results in the smaller accounts becoming an after-thought and, although still paying the premium rate, means your brand gets shoved into the “just get it done” category. Choosing a freelancer is usually more affordable and will result in better quality work and more bang for your buck.

Know Your Web Designer

Ready for the name game? A freelancer will have a carefully selected, dedicated support, and although you may deal primarily with one person, you’ll quickly know the people working on your brand. This personal dynamic means the team will truly understand your requirements and brand personality, meaning more creativity, better outcomes, and fewer changes.

Specialised Services

After getting to know your freelancer, you’ll learn what they do. A freelancer usually has a focused specialisation and passion for what they do. If a smaller company offers you a service, you can feel confident knowing it’s something they do well. These specialised services have the added benefit of better time management and improved productivity. When your team knows what they’re doing and has in-depth knowledge and experience, it’s easier and more reliable to set deadlines and stick to them.

Realistic Expectations

Setting goals and managing expectations can be quite a task but it’s a fundamental mistake that bigger agencies make. “Overpromising and under-delivering” is avoidable and smaller agencies have learned that honesty is the best policy when it comes to work-scope, budget and expectations. A boutique agency doesn’t believe in the “upsell” culture and knows the value in forming long term relationships with brands that are still finding their feet in the market.

The Work

A larger digital agency will often get stuck in a rut of frameworks and systems – and if you hadn’t guessed it, frameworks and systems are two places creativity go to die. This isn’t the case when the team is small and specialised, the focus is different, the mindsets are flexible, and the creativity flows.

Don’t be put off by the idea of a free-minded boutique agency, they have frameworks too, in fact, the frameworks are just as important. The difference is these structures do not guide the work, the work guides them, and there is a greater understanding that each brand, company and individual has different needs – no more “one size fits all” approach.

A Come Back

Once your project is complete and you’re smiling. You can rest-assured knowing you always have a point of call or contact person for future additions or maintenance work.

Find Out More

I pride myself in small digital agency / freelancer ethics and hard work. So, chat to me, get to know me and find out how I can help you grow your digital footprint.

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