The Benefits of Website Design Services vs Drag-and-Drop Templates
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The Benefits of Website Design Services vs Drag-and-Drop Templates

Over the past decade, website builders and drag-and-drop templates have changed the design landscape. Many of these services offer some excellent features and immediate usefulness. The marketed goal is to allow anyone to build a site without encountering technical problems.

Although drag-and-drop templates offer a low-cost website publishing method, that approach comes at a cost. Without options to change the code, every site built with that drag-and-drop design tends to look the same. The information might be different, but a quick glance makes it challenging to tell them apart. Since the average human has less of an attention span than a goldfish, that first glance needs to make a positive impression. The benefits that website design services offer deliver the outcomes you need.

What Are the Benefits of Website Design?

Since you don’t get second chances to make a first impression, professional web development is an investment that makes sense. You can focus on UX, UI or even eCommerce while connecting what visitors see to your company’s brand and messaging.

As part of that journey, these benefits become apparent compared to drag-and-drop templates.

1. Improved Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines look for the best answer to each keyword, phrase or question they receive. When every website provides the same information, the professional build delivers specificity that stands out.

Professional website design services optimise your posts and pages to ensure the technical value matches the content expertise offered.

2. Credibility Enhancement

Imagine that your website looks the same as your direct competitor’s site because you used the same drag-and-drop builder. How can a potential customer determine which option is better?

People see websites as a reflection of a company’s image and reputation. Investing in professional web design services ensures you can put your best foot forward each time. It’s easier to find lead generation opportunities when value and trust are the first experiences people encounter when visiting your landing pages.

3. Get Ready for the Future

A drag-and-drop website might look great now, but what will the experience be like next year? Will it feel outdated in three years? The first drag-and-drop templates look pretty different from the ones you can use today. That means more investment, time, and energy is spent trying to keep a site relevant. A professional design delivers future-proof coding that ensures your UX feels modern as time passes.

4. Open Lines of Communication

If you use a free drag-and-drop template, the chances of finding relevant advice if a problem arises are minimal. Even premium products have representatives that can be slow to respond when errors or technical issues occur.

A professional web designer is easy to reach. They respond quickly to any concerns or questions you have while offering relevant expertise about improving your website.

5. ROI Improvements

ROI stands for “return on investment.” Although it costs a little more to create a website from scratch, the maintenance expenses for a professional site are often less. They also tend to generate more leads and conversions because the experience is tailored for your specific audience instead of using the broad strokes of a drag-and-drop design.

Your website should be an effective selling tool. A drag-and-drop template can help you get online, but professional web design services make it easier to connect with your audience. That’s why it is an investment that makes sense.

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