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Why Freelance?

There are many benefits to working with a freelance web designer to build or maintain your website. As a freelancer generally works on their own, they are more flexible than a traditional web design company in a number of ways. If you’re in the market for a new website, or an update to your existing site, there’s a good chance that hiring a freelancer to do the work might be your best option. Here are the two biggest points to hiring a freelancer.

1. Costs

With lower overheads many freelancers charge rates under that of an agency. These low rates make it extremely attractive for companies to hire freelance workers.

2. Flexibility

Many freelancers enjoy their flexible lifestyle, and companies are no different. The cost of hiring a full-time employee stretches beyond salary and insurance, including time and
commitment in training, culture, etc. With contract workers, companies can cut these costs and gain the flexibility to hire/fire at any time.

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I am an experienced website designer and developer based in Enfield, North London. I offer my skillsets and unique design style to Londoners and surrounding areas.

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